Musquodoboit Valley United Churches

There are eight United Churches and one Presbyterian church in relationship in the Musquodoboit Valley.

There are 5 churches in a Cooperative Ministry sharing in fellowship, community, and ministry along the Lower and Middle portions of the Musquodoboit River in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Lower Musquodoboit is home to St. Andrew's in Elderbank, St. James' in Meagher's Grant and St. Paul's in Antrim.

Middle Musquodoboit is home to Middleton in Middle Musquodoboit and Riverside in Elmsvale.

Upper Musquodoboit is home to Higginsville United in Higginsville, St. James in Upper Musquodoboit  and Sharon Presbyterian in Dean. It could be said that these three churches were in the very first cooperative arrangement in the Valley.

Thus far this website has been a project of Lower and Middle Musquodoboit. It is hoped that, in the future, more information from Upper Musquodoboit will be included and featured.

Lower and Middle Musquodoboit congregations are led in worship by Rev. Dr. Linda Yates as part of the United Church of Canada. Members and adherents share support and resources  with all people in a mission of care, worship, and service.

Formed in 2014, this cooperative ministry connects unique communities in Elderbank, Meagher's Grant, Antrim, Middle Musquodoboit, and Elmsvale while respecting the traditions that have kept these congregations since the 19th century.

We believe in welcoming all people who seek to share in our spirit and faith while we work to serve God. The United Church is Canada's largest protestant Christian denomination with over two million members living and loving in communities across the country.