A photo of the gate at Riverside cemetery, in the woods beside the Musquodoboit River.


Cemeteries are attached to each church in the Musquodoboit Valley and are overseen independently by volunteers and groups in the local communities who track family and burial location information dating back to the 19th century. Both Middle and Lower Musquodoboit have bodies officially incorporated with the Nova Scotian government to oversee the cemeteries.

Records and information can be found by contacting the church office. MVUC is happy to refer families to further information on ancestry and history in the Valley. PDF files listing records for each cemetery can be found to the right.

Burial Services

Burial services are usually handled by funeral homes in conjunction with our churches. More information on funerals, burials, and the process of grief can be found on our Funerals page. Please contact the church office with any inquiries regarding burials.


Local community volunteers work to both oversee and maintain all local cemeteries and burial plots, including those entrusted to our care when families have moved on. The costs associated with maintenance are considerable and anyone who can help by making a donation large or small is welcome to do so through the church office.