Baby in arms of minister wearing a white robe with Antrim choir looking on

The Rev. Dr. Linda Yates began her joint ministry in November 2014 when the Lower and Middle Musquodoboit Pastoral Charges came together in cooperative ministry. Rev. Yates has been a minister since 1999, serving in both Musquodoboit and Halifax.

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St. James' United - Meagher's Grant

St. Andrew's United - Elderbank

St. Paul's United - Antrim

Middleton United - Mid. Musq.

Riverside United - Elmsvale


Minister: Rev. Dr. Linda Yates

Minister Emerita: Rev. Marjory Cornelius

Office Administrator: Christine Kozier

Christian worship has occurred in the Musquodoboit Valley since the early 19th century and continues today in our five churches, as well as in Upper Musquodoboit, Gays River, and Dean.

Our churches have always been part of the same community but each has its own unique history and identity. Likewise, the churches have shared a minister in various arrangements over the years. It's often said that the Musquodoboit River binds the churches together.

Cooperative Ministry

Recently, Lower Musquodoboit Pastoral Charge  and Middle Musquodoboit Pastoral Charge entered into cooperative ministry, agreeing to share a minister, some events, and resources like this website.

Our churches have worked closely with Upper Musquodoboit Pastoral Charge over the years. In the summer, it's always been tradition to rotate services throughout the entire Valley, culminating in a joint outdoor picnic service by the beautiful Musquodoboit River.

Though each church, and each charge, remains distinct, LMPC and MMPC agreed to share a minister, some work, and some services. The cooperative ministry council democratically oversees the agreement and work between the two charges.

A worship service is held in each charge every Sunday, on a rotating schedule between the churches. In Lower Musquodoboit, services alternate between St. James', St. Andrew's, and St. Paul's, in that order. In Middle Musquodoboit, services alternate between Middleton and Riverside. Services are similar in each church, but take advantage of the unique space, tradition, and congregation in each community. 


The church is a living body and thrives on the thinking, work, and spirit of all congregants. Our church is a constantly changing forum encompassing a diversity of thought and desire throughout the Valley.

Lay people in Musquodoboit have been a critical part of the church's leadership, filling needs and roles unique to a small, rural charge. Without them, much of the church's work would not get done. A visitation committee provides ongoing spiritual care during bereavement. A choir, along with a variety of talented musicians as well as dedicated organists, fills our churches with music and praise each Sunday.

Each church maintains an active Session to oversee worship and an official board meets to debate and decide the church's role in the community, under the guidance of many ministers over the years.

Inquiries about our faith, our work, and our community can be sent to the church office.