Man with some children who look on as he stirs something
Group of ladies in red clothes in front of a Christmas tree.
Three happy people enjoying each others company
A group stands on the front steps of Middle Church
A group of women with completed baskets on a table.
A group of young people on a float in a parade for the exhibition

All five congregations in the Musquodoboit Valley are proud to play a role in the vibrant life of every town in the area. Members of the church host community dinners, participate in parades, organize trips, and most importantly, support those in the community for whom there is most need,

All church activities are radically inclusive in keeping with United values. The church community is about honouring all Creation with fellowship and friendship. Anyone and everyone in the Valley can participate and people of all ages and background can always be found at church events.

The Musquodoboit Valley United Churches help connect other community groups with active volunteers, space for rent, and resources. The church is present at and helps put on events like Rally in the Valley, the Halifax County Exhibition, and the Santa Claus Parade.

Spiritual Care

A large part of a church's work is caring for anyone in need of advice, sympathy, or simply a friendly ear. In times of grief, challenge, or (especially) happiness, the church is there to share in spirit and offer sanctuary.

Visitations and other service can be arranged by contacting the church office.


Social justice and equality are key missions of the United Church of Canada. In a rural community such as the Musquodoboit Valley, the church's activism must match its social fabric. Our church seeks to act to reduce poverty, discrimination, and disenfranchisement in our midst, especially when it is unseen. The church provides support both material and emotional, a safe space for those in need, and political advocacy for local groups and rural issues. In conjunction with community groups and the many talented local farmers, the churches have been strong supporters of the Musquodoboit Valley Food Bank.

With help from other community groups, the church has achieved numerous successes: a massive playground for children in Upper Musquodoboit, a milk program for those who can't afford dairy products, assistance for victims of fire or other tragedy, and provided teaching to help families understand and prevent domestic violence.

The United Church also challenges its congregations to give beyond their borders. Through our Mission & Service Fund, the Musquodoboit Valley United Churches have helped fight famine in Africa, contributed to houses and churches built in the most remote parts of the world, and opposed needless violence towards women and children worldwide.


Small towns run on the time and money of those who call them home--a true social contract. The same is true of churches. Members of the church are happy to both give and raise money for community causes and events.

Contributions and gifts from members help to maintain and repair the historic church buildings, keep local cemetery records, make our services accessible for the differently able, and provide children and young adults with recreational opportunities.

Perhaps most well-known are the church dinners, including the famous Pork & Sauerkraut Supper, which routinely draws hundreds of people from across Nova Scotia for home-cooked food. Run entirely by volunteers, these dinners are essential to both the life and work of the church.