Cooperative Ministry

All five churches have worked together at various points in their 150-year history, but in November 2014, the Lower and Middle Musquodoboit Pastoral Charges elected to enter into a cooperative ministry. This is a new arrangement to help United churches work together to tackle community-level issues and serve God while ensuring a healthy future for the church as a local organization.

The intent of these agreements is to preserve churches in small towns, and as such, regular Sunday service rotates through each building. One service is held each week in Lower Musquodoboit and one in Middle Musquodoboit. As Rev. Yates has put it, these are "[f]ive churches, whose people are all in ministry together."


Cooperative ministry is still a relatively new concept in the United Church and each pastoral charge has room to experiment and find the best way to serve the community. The Musquodoboit Valley United Churches have set up a council to help oversee the process. Feedback and ideas from the community are welcome.