Marriage in the church

There are many reasons to be married in a church: to be closer to God, to be part of a community, to worship with the music and services of the church.

We believe marriage makes the wedded couple a faithful and just part of the community. We also believe all people are loved and capable of love, and the Musquodoboit Valley United Churches welcome same-sex marriages, the previously divorced, and multi-faith couples.

Our churches routinely hold weddings. Inquiries may be directed to the church office, and we recommend inquiring well in advance to allow for necessary preparations.

Classes and Commitments

Both the Lower and Middle Musquodoboit Pastoral Charges are happy to approve wedding requests after the couple has completed marriage preparation classes. These classes are straightforward and flexible, following the More Than Friends online resource to help understand and ensure both the day of and the next fifty years of marriage are a success. Classes are held well in advance of the wedding as couples need time to meet two or three times with the minister. Times can be arranged by contacting the church office.

The Marriage Ceremony

We believe each marriage is a unique expression of God's loving creations, and so we allow marriage services to take many forms. We ask that couples consult with the minister well in advance concerning choice of music, photos, location of the ceremony, and any other special requests.

More information, as well as certain fees, can be found in the marriage policies for the Lower and Middle Musquodoboit Pastoral Charges.


MVUC Marriage Policy (PDF - 30.0MB)