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Sunday School

Youth Group

Minister - Rev. Dr. Linda Yates

What We Believe

The Lower and Middle Musquodoboit Pastoral Charges are part of the United Church of Canada. This means there is a large variation of belief amongst people within the congregations, from traditional religious adherence, to progressive-Christian values, to those who are functionally atheist.

Scripture plays a role in every service. We read the Bible seriously, but not literally, allowing our church to welcome all the people of God as well as people of other faiths, identities, and practices. Our mission is radically inclusive. We believe the Bible brings us closer to God, to each other, and to the work of creation. In Jesus Christ, we find forgiveness, compassion, and new life.

Children and the Elderly

Many people young and old have found friends and community in our church. As a congregation, we respect the unique ways people worship.

A time for children is part of every service. Children are welcome and indeed often essential to any part of the work of the church, bringing new ideas and new energy to our communities and worship. Like Jesus, we strive to listen to children and to teach children especially. A rotating Sunday School provides active learning for kids during the second half of most services. A youth group for teenagers organizes events and prepares special productions for certain services.

Everyone in the church turns to our elders for wisdom and knowledge, as they bring understanding to our services and our work. Without the tireless work of many life-long members and the expertise of everyone in the church, many events would be impossible. In a community like Musquodoboit, every generation is a part of daily fellowship.


Musquodoboit is home to many fine local and professional musicians, and most Sundays the sound of music reverberates from each church. Our organists open and close each service and lead both the Middle and Lower Musquodoboit church choirs. Guest musicians are common, especially at Christmas, Easter, and other special services. MVUC organists are available for marriages and funerals as well.

Hymn books are provided for every attendee and singing is welcome. We believe all music praises God, regardless of technical proficiency or style. Music moves our spirit.


A New Creed - The United Church

We are not alone,
we live in God's world.

We believe in God:
    who has created and is creating,
    who has come in Jesus,
          the Word made flesh,
          to reconcile and make new
     who works in us and others
         by the Spirit.

We trust in God.

We are called to be the Church:
     to celebrate God's presence,
     to live with respect in Creation,
     to love and serve others,
     to seek justice and resist evil,
     to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen,
          our judge and our hope.

In life, in death, in life beyond death,
     God is with us.
We are not alone.

     Thanks be to God. 

A grey haired man plays guitar with a lovely pianist with a black hat.