St. James’

St. James' United Church sits on the banks of the Musquodoboit River in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia, between the cemetery and the local community hall.

Though a small building, a large balcony allows the church to hold nearly 200 people. Its large windows overlook the river plains. The sanctuary is accessible by wheelchair.   A new sound system ensures that services are hearing accessible as well. The sanctuary was recently updated so that pews were replaced by comfortable chairs which can be rearranged in differing configurations as needed. The basement is a Sunday School space and contains a puppet theatre and toys for toddlers and infants.

The main floor is wheelchair accessible and services make use of a sound system and projector screen. Note that the building has no running water and only a pressure toilet located downstairs.


Meagher's Grant is a very long and winding community along the banks of the river, and as the closest community to Halifax as well as the airport. A lot of people commute for work. Its wide, gentle farms leave ample room for grazing animals.

The church has long worked with local community groups and businesses to host events, including the legendary Pork and Sauerkraut Supper, which often draws people from as far as Halifax and has been featured on the Rick Mercer Report. It is a critical annual fundraiser for the Lower Musquodoboit Pastoral Charge.

A thriving women's group often works with the church in the community, visiting residents and providing social opportunities.

Events and even some larger worship services are held just up the road at the Meagher's Grant Community Hall.


St. James' was built in 1868 and the original structure is more or less what exists today.  It has an elegant, intimate, rural feel. 



4217 Hwy 357
Meaghers Grant, NS, B0N 1V0