St. Paul’s

St. Paul's United Church is located in Antrim, Nova Scotia, overlooking Lake Egmont, Wyse's Corner, and the Musquodoboit River.

It is a small church but has a full, finished basement with a kitchen used throughout the years for events in Antrim. The sanctuary is cozy and communal and each service there matters to everyone who lives in Antrim and everyone who visits for that day.

St. Paul's is accessible with a ramp, public address system, and a large screen. Note that the road and parking area near St. Paul's can become very icy in the winter--drive with care.


Located at the top of a large hill, St. Paul's connects two large plains and several communities along the Musquodoboit River. Sparsely populated, the church is the centre of these communities and people frequently attend to meet, greet, and worship with their neighbours.

St. Paul's is a small congregation but one that makes an outsized contribution to charitable work throughout the Valley, stepping up to raise money, sponsor foster children and refugees, and provide food.

Each year, the annual Pie Blitz consumes the basement's kitchen as hundreds of apple pies are prepared, cooked, and collected to be distributed in one of the largest (and most looked forward to) church fundraisers of the year.


St. Paul's celebrated her 150th anniversary in 2017. The interior has been preserved to look as it was in 1867. The sanctuary retains the small, communal feel of an old, rural church. It is a humble space and a place where it is easy to feel close to God and your neighbour.  The community works hard to maintain their "little white church on the hill."

A basement was added to allow for a Sunday School, kitchen space, and it is still regularly used for church meetings and other gatherings.

The church sits on the grounds of the Antrim cemetery which is lovingly maintained.

St Paul's Address

117 Lake Egmont Road, Antrim

Nova Scotia, Canada B0N 1Y0