Sunday School

Children are a welcome and crucial part of weekly services, both in traditional worship and in weekly Sunday School.

During most services in both pastoral charges, children are invited to meet in the basement for special activities and learning. This usually occurs after opening prayers, two hymns, and a time for children with the minister. Sunday School helps keep children occupied during the sermon and additional prayers and respects the different ways that children learn.

Activities vary based on the church year, instructors, and the curriculum. Both our Sunday Schools follow the Whole People of God curriculum, which uses biblical stories and progressive theology to help children learn to live in God's way in a world in need of love.

There is no minimum or maximum age for Sunday School, and children often enjoy it enough to attend well into their teens. Often, those teens then become Sunday School teachers in turn. There is also a Youth Group for older teens.

In Lower Musquodoboit, the Sunday School meets every week, with activities appropriate to the church service is being held (ex: puppets at St. James', videos at St. Andrews', and crafts at St. Paul's). In Middle Musquodoboit, the Sunday School meets bi-weekly, when service is at Middleton United.

For certain services, such as Easter and Christmas Eve, Sunday School is not held. Often, the Sunday School children prepare a part of these services themselves, and these are always a special event for the congregation.

Sunday School Teachers

Sunday School Teachers

Lower Musquodoboit Pastoral Charge:

Michelle Fleming

Middle Musquodoboit Pastoral Charge:

Janette MacDonald